Slide Solution for packing chewing-gum tabs Solution for packing chewing-gum tabs

Of recent design and built in partnership with a big chewing-gum manufacturer, the CWM gathers the best technical principles, it can reach an output rate of 1500 sticks per minute

Thanks to different sets of tools, the same machine can make packages from 4 to 13 slabs.

Made of a cast iron frame with a total weight of 3000 Kg, all mechanical motions are grouped in a permanent oiled gearbox to reach an unequalled reliability.

The CWM is built with the objective of suppressing non-production time. Tools without set-up allow immediate start-up. Its sealed mechanic needs no cleaning nor maintenance. The operator is assisted by a digital screen to facilitate machine running and fast restarts.

The CWM is built by a company that can bring customizes solutions, perform the operator training, installation, commissioning and after-sales service at the customer premises.




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    CEMES after sales can propose additional services such as:

    Design and manufacture for special equipment; the corresponding price offer will be delivered on request,

    Customer operator training in our premises before shipping.

    Operator and maintenance technician training at the customer’s promises

    Start-up on the customer’s premises.

    Supply of spare parts in optimum delivery times